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Some time ago we went to Zakopane to create together with the Ładnebebe Guide, where we will tell you how far, where to and how to escape from the Krupówki Street;) The whole relationship with the description of places to read here, and underneath our snapshots and links to sites that we visited and, to be honest. With Rossignolem our 3-year-old Tymka skiing and … We could not download it. If you choose with your children to Zakopane is very recommend You a at Glade Szymoszkowej. Instructor lit Tymiego skiing so much that at one point we were afraid or not fall asleep driving (while still believed that it was not yet time for hot cocoa;)

Monte House apartments | STRH art bistro cafe | Restaurant Ziębówka | the queue Kasprowy Wierch | Son-in-law serves, and Grandma is here the boss | Fundog |

accommodation in Zakopane-Monte house 

Kasprowy Wierch-entry ticket by up-down costs $23au for adult, children under 5 go free.



Fundog-dad and daughter, completely in love with their dogs, really worth to break even by the worst snow to meet with them:) Tymek was absolutely smitten.

And after returning from meetings with these beautiful creatures we recommend to look into the near Ziębówki-website looks inconspicuous, but trust me-this place has an amazing atmosphere! Windows with views of the snowy forest, and wood. And delicious dumplings!

Son-in-law invites-Granny is the head of the

STRH cafe and gallery

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